Islam Religion

Islam Religion and its Origins

Islam Religion began in the seventh century thanks to prophet Muhammad, who claimed to have been visited by archangel Gabriel for twenty three years and until the moment in which he died. During that time, the archangel revealed Muhammad the words of Allah, or God. Such revelations gave origin to Koran, holly book of teachings of Islam.

What Does Islam Religion Believe in?

Islam ReligionIn order to understand Islam Religion, it is necessary to understand what it believes in exactly. In the case of Islam, we are before a religion which is based on Koran as the undeniable and perfect word of Allah. Some faithful even reject versions of Koran which are not in Arab, since they claim that the real meaning of the word of Allah can only be expressed in Arab.

On the other hand, they also based their beliefs in the sunna, which is considered the second source of knowledge in religious matters for Islam Religion. The importance of summa resides in the fact that it was written by Muhammad’s partners, who based their writings on what he said or did.

Fundamental Beliefs of Islam Religion

The fundamental beliefs of Islam Religion are that Allah is the only God and Muhammad is his prophet. Just by declaring these fundamental truths for this religion, any person can convert to Islam. This religion proclaims itself as the true religion, claiming that all the other religions have emerged from it or, even worse, that all the others, among which it includes Christianism and Judaism, were created to parody Islam.

Islam Religion is based on five pillars to support its faith. Such pillars are: faith testimony (Allah is the only God and Muhammad is his prophet), prayer five times a day, the alms that has to be given to the poor, fast that has to take place on the ninth month of the muslim calendar during Ramadan, making the Hajj major pilgrimage at least once in a lifetime.

Such pillars are as important in this life as after it for every muslim believer since entering the so longed paradise depends on complying them.

Prayer plays a fundamental role in every muslim’s life, which is demostrated every time they whisper phrases from the Koran, their sacred book, to the newborn baby, as well as to the one who is dying.

Regarding behavior and self-discipline of islamic believers, we can say that it is unimpeachable, since there are no strong intermediaries between the person and Allah, as it does happen in other religions. This way, the daily prayer is self-imposed and complied by the book without the necessity of a guide that accopanies and guides the process.

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