What are the requirements for traveling to Mecca? passport and rules

What are the requirements?

Muslim pilgrimage to the Mecca once a year. The most important of them all is the so-called Hajj, pilgrimage that takes place in a particular month. During the rest of the year, other pilgrimages take place, but these are considered minor and are not mandatory. 

There are some requirements to travel to the Mecca and make the pilgrimage. The first one is almost tacit: to be a Muslim. Non-Muslims ‘unfaithful’ or are banned from this city. The next requirement to travel to the Mecca is to be an adult, male or female and have the possibility, whether economic to make the pilgrimage.

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requirements for traveling to Mecca

The following requirements to travel to the Mecca are quite , such as being healthy and being an adult, means mature, in order to understand the meaning of the pilgrimage to Mecca. In addition, the believer must be free and be able to make the pilgrimage without any problem at all. 

Another group of the requirements to travel to Mecca is of a financial nature: being able to pay for the round trip, as well as supporting your family during the time the believer is absent from the house. This is one of the most important requirements since the pilgrimage to Mecca is expensive. To carry out this Muslim rite matter, several believers dedicate an important part of their lives saving money to make it possible.

Some believers do not have the chance to raise enough money to perform the rite. That is why there are several foundations and organizations around the world that donate money to pay for travel and lodging for some rigorously selected believers, during the days when the pilgrimage lasts. In some cases, the foundations get money from the sponsors, while in other cases, they get it from the government. 

For the sponsors, offering the pilgrimage of another believer, it is like giving them a blessing, since they are giving them the opportunity to live a unique experience and that will be of great benefit to their spirituality. Among the requirements to travel to Mecca under this scheme, it is precisely not having the money to do so. In addition, you have to be over 40 and converted to Islam. This foundations treat believers to live the spiritual experience this rite gives, and the idea is to favor the less privileged. For example, they try to pay for the trip to the elderly, since it is considered that he or she will be less likely to make the pilgrimage in the remaining time of their life.

These are not the only requirements to travel to the Mecca. Apart from the economic barrier, there is another important barrier, which is the permission to enter the country. Saudi Arabia does not issue a tourist visa, nor is tourism allowed on its border, because of this, a limited amount of fees are given to each country, in proportion to the number of Muslims living in the country, so that they can Make the pilgrimage. In this way, Muslims who do not live in Mecca or Saudi Arabia can enter to make the pilgrimage.

There are other requirements to travel to Mecca of a religious nature. This is due to the fact that there are three ways to make the pilgrimage: one for those who live in the same city, another for those who live outside, as long as they do not live more than 88 kilometers from it, and another for those who live more than 88 kilometers of it. As the latter is the most important, important characteristics will be mentioned.

It has two parts, the first one has 5 defined rites, like consecration as a pilgrim, circling around the Kaaba, praying after turning around the Kaaba, running between two points and finally shaving the mustache and with the haircut. The second part has more requirements. 

During the first rite of the pilgrimage, the believer has to have every intention of finding God during the pilgrimage, wearing a special costume and saying the prayer. For the second rite, seven laps must have around the black stone, with departure and arrival in it. Immediately after that, the prayer must take pleasure in front of a monument. After the run between the two points between which it is believed that Agan ran to get water for Ishmael takes place. To end the rite, the fifth stop is to have a little haircut, shave your mustache or beard.

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