Jobs in Mecca – Description, main positions and salaries

Saudi Arabia’s economy is the largest in the Middle East, however, Saudi Arabia experienced a year of recession in 2017. The country is gradually returning to growth. In recent years, the country has adopted a very strict immigration policy, in order to promote access to employment for nationals. There are several jobs in Mecca that could be taken but required before, knowing the specificities of Saudi laws before moving and living in the country. For example, Saudi Arabia cannot defend the rights of women, and almost all the jobs offered are for men.

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Main Works in Mecca

It is very important to know that Yemen’s armed groups regularly attack Saudi interests near the border in retaliation for Saudi Arabia’s participation in the war in Yemen. Mils Houthist routinely fire missiles, rockets and mortars in populated areas along the border.

You must be careful when traveling to other areas of southwestern Saudi Arabia. In addition, airports in this area may close at any time.

To obtain a work visa, you must first find a sponsor. He will handle the procedures, and if the application is accepted, he can work in Saudi Arabia, but to leave the country, he will also need an authorization signed by his boss.

Despite the conflicts that inflame some of the neighboring countries and the sharp fall in oil prices, Saudi Arabia and with it Mecca, remains the richest of the Arab countries and the first power in the region.

In Mecca you can work in construction and you can earn more money and look for a job opportunity in a sector that possibly in other countries is already exhausted.

Usually, specialized work can be done, either as engineers, technicians, mechanics, machinists and highly skilled workers. All other jobs related to unskilled labor can come from countries such as Bangladesh and Pakistan, called labors.

The labors are low-skilled workers who come from trades that have nothing to do with construction. They are from Muslim countries, who come to survive Saudi Arabia. The Saudis do not do this type of work, so immigrants are the ones who take them.

Depending on the work, you can charge double or triple what is usually charged in Europe, with all expenses included and trips from time to time, depending on the position.

However, as projects progress and the lack of construction work grows in other countries, salaries may go down. In addition, workers who come from other countries such as Bangladesh, could charge 300 euros per month, having a month of vacation every 2 years.

Jobs in Mecca

Description of Job Offers in Mecca

French or Belgian-speaking expats in Saudi Arabia work in all lucrative sectors. Be it nuclear power plants (technician), being a chef in a French restaurant, being a consultant in a Saudi bank, acting as an architect in the construction industry, even similar jobs.

Generally, unskilled labor workers under Saudi law are called slaves of the 21st century, because they receive conditions that are hardly understandable for the rest of the world’s working conditions. The workers’ staff has almost no right under Saudi law, and the few they have are related to religion. Therefore, they have the right to stop to pray 5 or 6 times a day and to have a conditioned space for them to pray.

The average working hours is 10 hours a day. This schedule is generally met for all jobs, as well as weather conditions, if the jobs are abroad. Since, temperatures are usually 48 degrees, therefore, conditions are extreme. There are also sandstorms that can hinder the works, apart from burying the tracks.

Description of Some Works in Mecca

Some works that can be developed in Saudi Arabia and Mecca are described below for information.

Country Manager

It is a professional of the Superior Engineering – Engineer of Roads, Canals and Ports. Experience in civil engineering / engineering companies in a similar position or intermediate command (Project Manager, Business Development Manager) in international projects.

He is responsible for setting up the Delegation and defining the strategy to be followed that will achieve the objectives, which implies, commercial and representation actions, human resources management, budget management and technical compliance.

The professional needs a  degree in Higher Engineering or ICCP, with a minimum of 5 years of experience in civil engineering / engineering companies, who has previously held the position of Country Manager or intermediate manager.

In this case, the person must be accustomed to managing a budget and a human team and to supervise the execution of contracts, services or works. It is valued that the professional can provide postgraduate training or specialization in Business Management, as well as training in any phase of the Hydraulic Cycle. It is also required to be an ERP user and level of negotiation of the English language, valuing knowledge of Arabic.

Restaurant Room Staff

In this work, the person must make customers enjoy an unforgettable experience in restaurants, with an excellent quality cuisine, high quality service, unique environments, being part of positive energy teams that share company values.

They must have at least two years of experience. Specifying people with high capacity for involvement, teamwork, good predisposition, presence and flexibility. Demonstrating experience of at least 2 years in a similar position, with availability to work in a split shift. Training in hospitality, catering and places where experience has been previously acquired is highly valued.

Facility Management

All candidates must have an O&M background and must have a minimum of 3-5 years of experience in building maintenance / facility management, training officer, buyer, asset manager.

Mosque Assistant

It is a job only for men, for the treatment of wastewater.

Interior Designer

It is a job for men only, Interior Designer, client presentation Architect, furniture design walls and floors, interior decorator, experience in space planning Interior designer and textile designer.

Main Works in Mecca

Cleaning Supervisor

Supervise the cleaning especially of the hotels, in its entirety, making sure that each room of the hotel meets the cleaning standards established by the company.

Accommodation Supervisor

As the Accommodation Supervisor, the person specifically supports the Human Resources department by performing tasks with the highest standards, such as: Assigning work tasks to team members, performing routine inspections of all exit rooms and timely verifications of All rooms occupied. Report and track any maintenance defects or other problems. Routinely inspect service areas, warehouses and aisles.

You must also schedule and supervise deep cleaning and any other projects. Manage and train room attendants and other team members to ensure that their performance meets the required standards. Efficiently manage stock control and equipment maintenance. Provide excellent guest service, including VIP requirements and other special requirements. Ensure compliance with the hotel’s brand standards at all times.

Executive Chef

The Executive Chef must be able to detect problems and solve them quickly and efficiently, maintain mental balance and delegate various cooking tasks simultaneously.

The executive chef is also responsible for maximizing the productivity of the kitchen staff, as well as managing the sub chef and specialized chefs, who are directly below them in the chef’s chain of command.

You must have and maintain impeccable personal hygiene and presence, as well as high standards of work and safety in the workplace. It is indispensable for all chefs, and the executive chef is expected to be an example for chefs who are under him in command.

This executive chef must ensure that the culinary dishes are of excellent quality, are served on time and verify that any problem that arises is corrected immediately. As such, the Executive Chef is responsible for approving all prepared foods that leave his kitchen. It also modifies menus when necessary, you can create and vary dishes in your kitchen, train, manage, supervise, coordinate all culinary activities, among other functions.

Stewarding Supervisor

A Stewarding Supervisor is responsible for supervising the Stewards to provide an excellent guest and member experience while representing support for general operations. He is responsible for supervising the Stewards and supporting team members to provide high quality services. The Stewarding Supervisor also coordinates other responsibilities, ensuring that Back of House areas are maintained and ensuring health and safety as top priorities for VIP clients.

Sous Chef-Junior

The Sous Chef Junior focuses on managing to successfully achieve daily goals in the kitchen. He helps lead staff while personally supporting all areas of the kitchen, including food production, purchase and sanitation of the kitchen. The position must contribute to guaranteeing the satisfaction of guests and employees while maintaining the operating budget. Must have a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts.

Some Works in Mecca

Approximate Salaries 

Workers who come from other countries such as Bangladesh, could charge 300 euros per month, having a month of vacation every 2 years. Below is a list of salaries according to certain jobs, by month:

Minimum wage = € 699

Average net salary (withholdings and taxes applied) = € 1433.37

Salary of an accountant = € 2109.3

Salary of an Architect = € 2513.36

Salary of a Caregiver = € 822.36

Salary of a waiter = € 1225.53

Salary of a builder  = € 1411.54

Salary of a Civil Engineer = € 2730.52

Salary of a Dentist = € 6142.78