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Mecca, Medina in Saudi Arabia, most important place in the Muslim religion, famous for being Muhammad’s birthplace.

To begin with, we have to know the History of Mecca or its beginnings to understand the importance of this holy city. The origin of Mecca is not with prophet Muhammad, Adam is the one who starts it, he is who begins the building of the sanctuary due to Allah’s order.

Mecca – Makkah – History – Location – Hotels

The sanctuary remains incomplete until Agar and Ismael arrive lost in the desert an Angel appears in front of them, who tells them to hit the ground so as not to die from thirst. Once they have hit the ground Zamzam well located 35 meters from Kaaba is created. Soon after Abraham starts the building of Kaaba as a place of pilgrimage. Not before the VI century with the arrival of the great prophet Mahoma Mecca stopped being a holy place becoming a place where people gathered together to drink from Zamzam well or as a business place for all the tribes of peoples of Arabia; Muhammad started to receive revelations which led him to struggle against commerce and paganism that took place in that city with raids until the arrival of the Battle of Badr that we can find in the Muslim holy book of Koran. After having won the battle being 3 times smaller with his army he became in one of the most respected people by all tribes of Arabia. After 4 to 6 year of battles he found peace among his brothers and he became the main professed of Islam peregrinating to Mecca as an example what made all the tribes of the region accepted the faith of Islam.


Where is Mecca?

Once we already know the history of Mecca if we search in google maps where is Mecca we will find it is in the city of Makkah al-Mukarrama (Hiyaz), Medina, Saudi Arabia place where it approaches that has 14 million of annual visitors and that it continues growing each year.

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Location of Mecca and its content

Mecca is located in 21.4225 Latitude and 39.8261 Length Mecca Medina Saudi Arabia, but now that we know its exact location we wonder What is inside Mecca? the Heart of Islam, that is what it is inside it, this means that if there is nothing special inside it but its faith and culture. Inside the cube we find candlesticks and rites performed by the pilgrims living the beginning of Mecca as we saw it at the beginning, imitating Agar when an angel appeared in front of her and thanks to the strike given to the ground Zamzam well emerged. Within Islamism it is something that every man has to do before dying which makes it one of the most fascinating religions we find nowadays with its rites and its way of living its faith.

Pilgrimage to Mecca

For Muslim religion it is very important to visit Mecca, if we ask a muslim Why do muslims pilgrimage to Mecca? they will tell us that it is a muslim obligation to visit holy places, the same as for Christianism it is important to visit Jerusalem for a muslim it is Mecca. Here we start wondering How to visit Mecca? Here you can find some advice on how to travel to Mecca from Typical Food of Mecca that we will find or What are the requirements to travel to Mecca? and entering the holy temples.

Hotels in Mecca

Mecca has many hotels since Mecca lives out of turism, as we explained before it has more than 14 million visitors which leaves profits for more than 100 million which great part are reinvested for the improvement of the facilities for all the pilgrims. The average temperature in Mecca is of 31 degrees Celsius 87 Fahrenheit, so any hotel, hostel, inn or resting place has to have air conditioning. If you want to know more about places to stay in Mecca I recommend you read The 5 Best Hotels in Mecca with luxury and comfort for you to know where to sleep.

Finally before going to Mecca you have to know that it is a holy place and visits are not allowed if you are not a muslim believer, remember that it is a holy place and even though it is very important that we can visit it, we should not disrespect it religion as we would not like someone did that to us, no matter they are Hindu, christian buddhist among others.

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