The Makkah Mall – Operation, Importance for the Mecca

This large mall is located in Makkah, 2.1 km from Abraj Al Bait complex, 7 km from Masjid Al Haram and 8 km from Umm al-Qura University. This Makkah Shopping Center is 11 km away. King Abdulaziz International Airport is 97 km from Sheraton Makkah Jabal Al Kaaba.

It is the preferred district for travelers visiting the Mecca, according to comments from visitors. This property was also rated well for its excellent value in the Mecca. Visitors get more for their money compared to other properties in this city.

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It is a large shopping center that offers an important advantage for being a fabulous area for children where they can play, while their parents buy and have lunch in many restaurants that offer signature cuisine in the food court in front of the playground. In this great shopping center, you can have a good time to eat and buy.

The Importance of Makkah Mall

Memories of the pilgrimage through Hajj and Umrah last a lifetime, but you may also want to buy some souvenirs. What you can do in this great Makkah Mall. 

While fulfilling a sacred duty is the main purpose to visit Makkah, buying gifts allows you to return home with memories of an incredible journey. The city has extensive shopping options, ranging from market stalls to luxury boutiques. The malls, and hypermarkets of Makkah are modern, and comfortable.

The stores in the Makkah Mall are generally open from 9am until midnight from Saturday to Thursday, and from 2pm to 4pm until midnight on Friday. The exception is some shops around the Great Mosque, which are open 24/7. Large supermarkets such as Bin Dawood, Panda, Noori and Carrefour are open from early in the morning until after midnight.

makkah mall ubication

The Makkah Mall is located in the religious capital of the Islamic world, Makkah, which is the place to buy prayer mats, prayer beads (misbaha), Holy Quran and Zamzam water bottles. Other popular memories are the ouds (a string instrument shaped like a pear), attar (perfume) and miswaak (twigs for cleaning teeth).

The Gold is a popular purchase for travelers to the Mecca, in the Makkah Mall, as it is said to be less expensive and of higher quality than gold from other places.

The city has several areas dedicated to shopping. The ultra-modern complex houses a multi-storey shopping center is a convenient place for pilgrims to find almost everything they need. Similarly, it has dozens of large and small stores around the great mosque that sell gifts, souvenirs, prayer rugs and snacks. This large Makkah shopping center is located southeast of Al Haram, near the Mina train station.

How important is the Makkah Mall for the Mecca?

Makkah Mall is the largest and most important commercial center in the Mecca. In this mall there are countless stores with local and international brands, as well as coffee shops and restaurants. It also has a large playground for children.

The Makkah Shopping Center, was built in 2012 as part of the Makkah Hotel Complex by Mangera Yvars Archictects, an internationally awarded architectural design practice, in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Makkah Mall belongs to the group of Arab centers, always setting the highest bar to satisfy visitors.

This Mall is a shopping center that participates in urban development. Therefore,  the development has a tower consisting of an apartment building and a hotel. Also, ground floor area is used as the commercial center and is contributing to the rapid urbanization of Makkah Umm Al-Qura district of the outer ring of the city.

The hotel and shopping center scheme for Umm Al-Qura was developed with the idea of ​​a new urban landscape, taking into account in the design the shape of the mountains and hills of the pilgrimage city. The undulations of the roof of the podium determine the entry points in two locations, both in the front and rear space. Its architecture is admired by both regular buyers and visitors, who value the efficient, elegant and bright interior architecture.

The space has a wide variety of restaurants, likewise, the shopping center is fully integrated into the new urban landscape and today it has become a destination shopping center with fast food restaurants and food corners that have been opened including Burger King, McDonalds and many others. You can also find local food in Saaj Reefi or Chinese food in Canton.

This Mall has a wide variety of outlets, including brands of luxury designers, such as Monsoon, L’Occitante, Yves Rocher, The Body Shop, Damas Collections, Marc and Spencer, lush, Swatch, to name just a few of these stores.

Both its citizens and visitors can spend a day at the Makkah shopping center, both alone and as a family. The mall has activities for all family members that are available and will make time fly while sharing memorable moments with loved ones.

On the second floor is the best indoor playground for children that offers a variety of features and activities, from slides to sports fields, tunnels to towers, ball blasters and inflatable trampoline. The park is ideal for all ages, including babies, toddlers, adults and all intermediate ages. It has specific areas for the smallest and Super Speed ​​slides for the older ones. 

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