ZamZam Well – Concept, characteristics and properties

Emergence and Significance of ZamZam Well

ZamZam Well is considered sacred for Islamic religion. It is thirty-five meter deep, which were hand-dug and it is located only twenty-one meters east of Kaaba, another sacred place for this religion. In this article, we will tell you how and why it emerged ZamZam Well and to what extent it impacted muslim beliefs.

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Emergence of ZamZam Well

A fine good day, Abraham led Hagar, his second wife, and Ismael, their son, to Mecca and left them under a tree in ZamZam. When she realized that nothing and no one were or lived there, Hagar despaired trying to transmit her fear and hopelessness to her husband. Nevertheless, he turned a deaf ear to her pleas and having left them only a few dates and some water, he contined his way without even looking back at her. In that moment, Hagar realized that it had been Allah who had ordered Abraham to do that and so was the confirmation she had from Abraham when asking him about it. It was then that the young mother gained peace of mind since she knew that if He had ordered so, He would never abandon them.

ZamZam Well

Days passed and they were run out of food and water. When she saw that her son was dying of thirst, Hagar ran seven times through the valley of Hill Safa, what she did seven times between the hills of Safa and Maroua.

Such fast walk was the origin of Sa’i, which consists of brisk walking between the hills of Safa and Maroua to remember the route Hagar did to save her son Ismael from dehydratation in a valley that lacked vegetation and people.

The last time Hagar reached Hill Maroua, she heard a voice and she could find some peace at last. Even though she was expecting to receive Alla’s protection, she would have never imagined to find there an angel hitting the ground with a stick until it made water emerge from it. Her first reaction was to hold the gushing water with the help of a barrier around the shed water. Therefore, thanks to her actions, it that ZamZam Well is nowadays such well and not just a stream.

Properties of the Water from ZamZam Well

It is highly recommended that the pilgrim drinks the water from ZamZam Well since according to muslim beliefs and faith, it is endowed with properties and characterísticas that, on one hand, they make it no necessary to eat any food at all, that is why it is highly recommended for Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages. On the other hand, it is claimed that this water can heal the illnessese of those who drink it.

The water from ZamZam Well has the characteristic of being useful for whatever the purpose it is drunk for; So much so that Allah made it that it acted as food and drink for Hagar and Ismael.

Drinking this water requires of a protocol that consists of sitting down looking at Kaaba, inhaling aire thrice, drinking water until you are not thirsty anymore, and finally praising Allah after having drunk it.

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