Weather in the Mecca – How is your weather, weather and clothing

The weather in the Mecca is a desert climate, throughout the year, falling almost without rain in the Mecca, therefore, the average temperature in the place is 30.0 ° C, with an average annual rainfall of 70 mm.

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What is the weather like in the Mecca?

The rain (precipitation) varies 18 mm between the driest month and the wettest month. The variation in temperatures throughout the year is 11.7 ° C, with an average of 35.2 ° C, with July being the warmest month and January being the coldest month of the year. The average temperature is 23.5 ° C at this time.

Weather  per Month (average)

The precipitation varies 18 mm between the driest month and the wettest month. The variation in temperatures throughout the year is 11.7 ° C. In the Mecca, summers are long, hot, arid and partly cloudy and winters are short, comfortable, dry and generally clear. During the year, the temperature generally varies from 16 ° C to 42 ° C and is rarely below 12 ° C or above 44 ° C.

According to the score the best times of the year to visit Mecca for summer activities are from late February to mid-April and from late October to mid-December.

What is the most frequent Weather?

The very hot season lasts 4.7 months, from May to October, with an average daily maximum temperature above 39 ° C. The hottest day of the year is June 19, with a maximum average temperature of 42 ° C and minimum of 27 ° C.

The cold season lasts 2.8 months, from December to February, with an average daily maximum temperature below 31 ° C. The coldest day of the year is January 22, with a minimum average temperature of 16 ° C and maximum of 29 ° C. In the Mecca, the percentage of cloud cover is subject to considerable seasonal variations during the year.

Weather in the Mecca

The clearest period of the year in the Mecca begins around mid-October and lasts 8.3 months, and ends approximately in June. On November 13, people will see the clearest day of the year, the sky is clear, mostly the sky is cloudy 85% of the time and cloudy 15% of the time.

The cloudiest period of the year begins around June 28 and lasts 3.7 months, and ends approximately October 18. On September 28, the cloudiest day of the year, the sky is mostly cloudy or cloudy 45% of the time, and clear, mostly cloudy or partly cloudy 55% of the time.

The Mecca Clothing

This is an important step that people are about to take, the journey of a life that  have been preparing for months. Spiritual preparation is on its way. All the rites have been studied as it should, the heart is ready to receive all the spiritual food that will make people heart  beat during this wonderful journey.

For women, they have to wear dresses jilbebs, and will surely have to do the ablutions very often during the hajj or the omra. Jilbebs are more convenient for taking off and putting on clothes easily. Take light jilbebs found in some markets for 10 or 15 euros. Three dresses are enough.

For men, an Ihram habit, will have to be taken, which  must buy before going on a pilgrimage to the Mecca. You can find it for less than 20 euros in Muslim bookstores. Two or three Qamis, very light to change after the deacralization, should be taken into the luggage. 

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