The Islam – Relationship with Mecca, History and its Dogma

The Islam Religion and its Origins

Islam Religion began in the seventh century thanks to prophet Muhammad, who claimed to have been visited by archangel Gabriel for twenty three years and until the moment in which he died. During that time, the archangel revealed Muhammad the words of Allah, or God. Such revelations gave origin to Quran, holy book of teachings of Islam.

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What Does Islam Religion Believe in?

In order to understand Islam Religion, it is necessary to understand what it believes in exactly. In the case of Islam, we are before a religion which is based on Koran as the undeniable and perfect word of Allah. Some faithful even reject versions of Koran which are not in Arab, since they claim that the real meaning of the word of Allah can only be expressed in Arab.

On the other hand, they also based their beliefs in the sunnah, which is considered the second source of knowledge in religious matters for Islam Religion. The importance of summa resides in the fact that it was written by Muhammad’s partners, who based their writings on what he said or did.

The Islam

Fundamental Beliefs of Islam Religion

The fundamental beliefs of Islam Religion are that Allah is the only God and Muhammad is his prophet. Just by declaring these fundamental truths for this religion, any person can convert to Islam. This religion proclaims itself as the true religion, claiming that all the other religions have emerged from it or, even worse, that all the others, among which it includes Christianism and Judaism, were created to parody Islam.

Islam Religion is based on five principles to support its faith. Such principles are: faith testimony (Allah is the only God and Muhammad is his prophet), prayer five times a day, the alms that has to be given to the poor, fast that has to take place on the ninth month of the muslim calendar during Ramadan, making the Hajj major pilgrimage at least once in a lifetime.

Such pillars are as important in this life as after it for every muslim believer since entering the so longed paradise depends on complying them.

Prayer plays a fundamental role in every muslim’s life, which is demostrated every time they whisper phrases from the Koran, their sacred book, to the newborn baby, as well as to the one who is dying.

Regarding behavior and self-discipline of islamic believers, we can say that it is unimpeachable, since there are no strong intermediaries between the person and Allah, as it does happen in other religions. This way, the daily prayer is self-imposed and complied by the book without the necessity of a guide that accompanies and guides the process.

Islamism in the Mecca

Islam as a religion of worship and prayer began with the Prophet Muhammad. The word Islam means “surrender” so, its fundamental principle is to surrender to the will of God. Having as main belief that God exists and Muhammad is his messenger.

The followers and believers of Islam are called Muslims and believe they follow the same tradition as the Judeo-Christian figures of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus, who are considered to be important prophets before Muhammad. 

Fundamental Beliefs of Islam

Importance of the cult

When we ask ourselves the question “what is Mecca?” We may not be aware of how important this place can be for Muslims attached to Islam, who, no matter where they are in the world, perform their five daily prayers in the direction of Mecca, so you can assume the great importance it has for these people.

In conclusion it can be said that Mecca is the connection that Muslims have with their god and the sacred place in which by means of the pilgrimage, be it the major pilgrimage or the minor pilgrimage, which consists of a series of rites, they request God’s forgiveness and follow the path that this opens to him to each of the Muslims.

Mecca is a sacred city for Muslims and is located in western Saudi Arabia, being the main city in the Hiyaz region and one of the most important in the Arabian Peninsula. Many consider this city as ‘the navel of the earth’, ‘first work of creation’ and also ‘mother of the cities’. This is located in its highest place that has as a link to the union of the superior with the inferior and the nutritious source of the orb.


The Islamic vision of earthly life does not consider the existence of man on earth as a dark valley of pain, nor as a punishment for some original and inherited sin. Similarly, Islam does not share the behavior of those who worship life in the same way as a greedy worship food, which devours but has no respect.

Islam proclaims that life is a divine gift so that man can feel an approach with Allah and achieve perfection by making full use of the possibilities offered by the body and spirit. Therefore, the Islamic view of life is that Allah is only with believers who understand, his words of: “My kingdom is not of this world. ” Islam advocates that, material prosperity is desirable, although it is not an end in itself. Look at the complete information about Rules here.


Allah is the name of God, the Lord of the universe, who according to the Muslims, did not father and was not begotten, nor do they compare him with anyone, because according to them, Allah is God, the creator of everything.

To Muslims Allah knows everything that happens in heaven and on earth. Allah is the most gentle beyond all kindness, the most loving beyond all love, who has given his faithful everything they own, gives them water, food, light, air and all that is needed to live in this earth until according to them, their life ends. Look at the complete information about Allah here. look at the complete information about Allah

The quran

The Quran is the holy book of Islam, of Muslims. The book contains all the principles and teachings that Allah, through the Prophet Muhammad, tells Muslims to follow. The Arabic word Al-Qur’an literally means recitation. This holy book is used in the context of Islam, the word Quran can have the meaning of God’s last message to mankind revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. In fact, the Quran is the word of God and serves as a guide for human beings. Look at the complete information about The Quran. look at the complete information about The quran


Muhammad was the creator of Islam, one of the three monotheistic religions that dispute the trophy of True Religion and True Faith, and of greater expansion in the world. His name is sacred to every Muslim and his life an example for past and future generations. His followers recognize him as the only true prophet and his teachings were compiled in the Quran, a holy book for Muslims. Look at the complete information about Muhammad. look at the complete information about Muhammad