Travel to the Mecca – Interest Sites,  Lodging and Requirements

How to choose a hotel in Makkah?

To travel to the Mecca you can choose from very luxurious 5-star hotels, which offer an environment for families as well as numerous services designed to improve your stay, enjoying pleasant rooms, to the Rooms Left system that refers to the number of rooms that remain at the lowest rate provided.

Other rooms may be available at other sites. To obtain an estimate only, you can make personal inquiries through the network, and you will find that the available rates are in green. Likewise, prices are per room per night, subject to availability. You can learn more about choose hotels in Mecca in this space.


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Passports Visas and Requirements

To go to Mecca, an updated passport is required and a visa is required, which must be obtained before arriving in the country, at the Embassy or Consulates General of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia extends different business and work visas, visiting for close relatives, for transit and religious visits for Muslims. All visas must be completed before arrival, as visas are not issued at airports, ports and land borders. Likewise, a sponsor is needed and the process for obtaining it can take several weeks, so it is recommended to make the request well in advance. You can then learn more about the visa and requirements for the trip to the Mecca here.

Travel to the Mecca

Places of interest at the Mecca

The Masjid al-Haram Mosque

It is a sacred mosque that is located in the Mecca, it is the most important in the city and the most important holy place for Islam. In its spaces and center the Kaaba is located, in which the black stone that Muslims try to touch during the ring roads on the pilgrimage is embedded.

This mosque is considered the largest in the world, dating from 1570, since the original was built in 638, being enlarged by the Caliph Umar Ibn al-Jattab who was in need of doing it due to the growing number of Muslims, taking a portion of the land close to the surface of the mosque. Then you can learn more about the Masjid al haram mosque in this space.

The Kaaba

The Kaaba or Kaaba is  the construction that has the form of a rectangular prism that is located inside the Masjid al-Haram mosque in the Mecca. Representing the most important sacred and religious pilgrimage place in Islam.

This sacred and religious pilgrimage place is considered the “house of God”, valued as the place where the divine touches the earthly and towards it Muslims from all over the world go to pray and worship God.

This sacred place is covered with a black veil of silk and cotton, which during the time of the pilgrimage is replaced by a white one. Inside this sacred Kaaba space, the sacred black stone is located, which according to the history and tradition was delivered by the angel Gabriel. The Kaaba, in the Mecca, has been a sacred and very significant place for Muslims of pre-Islamic times. You can know more information of the kaaba here.

The Abraj Al Bait Complex

It is a luxury residential and tower hotel complex that bears the name of Abraj Al Bait, also known as The Mecca Royal Clock Tower. This complex radically transformed the appearance of the holy city of The Mecca (Saudi Arabia). He spent eight years in intense work (2004-2012) that produced the largest building in the world in size by mass, being the tallest building in Saudi Arabia and the third tallest structure in the World, with 601 meters built.

It was built with the King Abdulaziz Funds, to modernize the city and offer world class accommodation to the large number of visitors and residents of the holy city of the Mecca. Read more about the Abraj Al Bait complex in this space

Afarat Mountain

Arafat Mountain (Yabal al-Rahmah), also known as The Mountain of Mercy, is a granite hill sixty meters high that is located east of the Mecca. It is very important for Islam because it was from this mountain that Muhammad gave his farewell address, at the end of his life, so that all those Muslims who had accompanied him on his Hajj pilgrimage, could spread his legacy and message.

This sacred site is the place where Hajj pilgrims spend the afternoon of the ninth day of Du l-hiyya, and it is so important to be present on this site that, who does not, loses the validity of the pilgrimage and must return to do it another year from scratch, as if he had never undertaken it, therefore, pilgrims spend the night sailing in the place. Here you can learn more about mont afarat

Most important hotels in the mecca

The Makkah Mall

It is a large shopping center that is located in Azizia, it is an attraction with various stores of quality, brand and luxury. It has a large supermarket with a large parking lot, with food courts also very attractive to consumers. It has a vibrant and creative design building up a magnificent atmosphere and providing visitors with leisure and shopping facilities that make it an ideal space for the whole family.

It also has entertainment venues, which is a 20,000-square-foot covered playground for children, offering a variety of features and activities, from slides to sports courts, tunnels to towers, blasters and inflatable trampolines. Then you can learn more about Makkah Mall here

The Well of Zam Zam

It is considered a sacred place for the religion of Islam. This space is thirty-five meters deep, which were hand dug and is only twenty-one meters east of the Kaaba, another sacred site for that religion.

It arose because one day Abraham led Hagar, his second wife, and Ishmael, their son, to the Mecca and left them under a tree in ZamZam. The woman realized that nothing and no one was there, she despaired trying to convey her fear and hopelessness to her husband. However, Abraham did not react to the pleas, leaving her there and continued without looking at back again. In this space you can learn more about the Well of ZamZam and how it influenced Muslim beliefs.

Mecca airport

Mecca does not have in particular a specific airport for it. Mecca is reached by several airports such as: King Khalid International Airport, Dammam King Fahd International Airport, King Abdulaziz International and Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz International. In this space you can learn more about the Mecca airport