Biography of Muhammad

Biography of Muhammad – a Legend that Persists Muhammad was the creator of Islam, one of the three monoteist religions that dispute the trophy of being the True Religion and True Faith. His name is sacred for every muslim and his life an example for past and future generations. His followers recognize him as the …

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History of Islam

Generalities and Details of the History of Islam An important point to start talking about the History of Islam is that etymologically the word ‘islam’ comes from the verb ‘aslama’, which means to voluntarily and pacifically submit, with which it is very clear that this religion goes beyond an abstract belief and it centers in a …

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Islam Religion

Islam Religion and its Origins Islam Religion began in the seventh century thanks to prophet Muhammad, who claimed to have been visited by archangel Gabriel for twenty three years and until the moment in which he died. During that time, the archangel revealed Muhammad the words of Allah, or God. Such revelations gave origin to …

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