Biography of Muhammad

Biography of Muhammad – a Legend that Persists

Muhammad was the creator of Islam, one of the three monoteist religions that dispute the trophy of being the True Religion and True Faith. His name is sacred for every muslim and his life an example for past and future generations. His followers recognize him as the only true prophet and his teachings were gathered in the Koran, sacred book for muslims. In this article we tell you the Biography of Muhammad, an example of humanity and bravery.

Biography of Muhammad – Origins and Family

Muhammad, born in 575 in Mecca, becomes an orphan at six, moment in which he is adopted by his uncle, who acquires the responsibility of raising him. Being still very young, he gets married to a widow older than him called Khadija, who gives him a daughter called Fatima.

The city bustle and the vortex of its rhythm of life, led Muhammad to retire to the desert and stay in the cave of Hira, where Allah sends him archangel Gabriel to transmit him the true faith. Muhammad collects such teachings in the book that would be later known as the Koran, which contains the sacred word of Allah.

Biography of Muhammad – the Religion

Biography of MuhammadMuhammad had the primary intention of returning to Abraham’s religion, so he preached in the streets of Mecca to achieve it. However, as his followers, the majority of them poor, increased considerably, the authorities saw in Muhammad a threat against the established order and persecuted either him as his followers.

The prophet decides to escape to Medina on 16th July in 622, date later known as Hegira, moment in which the Islami era is founded. In tha city, Muhammad tries to preach his faith to the Jew, but he is rejected and he realized that his teachings have the aim of creating a new religion, instead of a return to Abraham’s religion.

From this moment, Muhammad makes use of the persuasion-strength binomial and, together with his followers, he makes the raids against the caravans and populations, generating battles that later would form the base for the Holy War, in which the use of force to convert the unfaithful was not restricted. It was then that Muhammad becomes a religious, political and militar leader, conquering Mecca in 630 and ending the conflicts between Mecca and Medina.

During the last two years of Muhammad’s life, Islam is spreads for the rest of Arabia and before dying Muhammad makes a pilgrimage from Medina to Mecca, which is today one of the five pillars of Islamic faith and every muslim in physical and economic conditions has the obligation to make at least once in their lives.

When the conflict came to an end, marriages represented a junction point and problems resolution, so in the Biography of Muhammad we can easily notice that the prophet married twelve women.

This brave preacher and leader died in Medina in 632.




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