Tourisms in Saudi Arabia

Different Tourisms in Saudi Arabia

The country which hold the world capital of the muslim pilgrimage, it is also a territory full of charms that attract visitors beyond religion. In this article, we explore the possibilities of making Tourisms in Saudi Arabia, recommending you destinies and giving you advice on how to have the best stay ever.

The Best Cities to Make Tourisms in Saudi Arabia

The following cities are emblematic and represent a mandatory visit when our destiny is the Middle East. We tell you where to make different Tourisms in Saudi Arabia:

Mecca: this traditional city, the first most important sacred city of Arabia, receives millions of muslims from around the world who are making the obligatory to Mecca. From this information we can easily deduce that the tourism it receives is mainly for religious reasons. Regarding non religious turists, they run the risk of being deported. The most magical moment that either a turist or a faithful can live in Mecca is when the pilgrimage comes to an end and the crowd gathers at Mount Arafat to go to the valley of Muzdalifa to spend the night. The best accommodation of Mecca can be found at Raffles Makkah Palace, Makkah Clock Royal Tower and al Shohada Hotel.

Tourisms in Saud ArabiaMedina: considered the second sacred most important city, Medina (literally ‘city’) was the first city in following prophet Muhammad’s teachings. Its most attractive point is exactly in its center and it is a complex of mosques called Masjid An Nabi, former home of Muhammad. The first mosques were replaced by the current ones and it is precisely here that it is Muhammad and his daughter Fatima’s sepulcher. The first mosque, Masjid Kuba, dates back to the seventh century. Being such a religious place, only muslims have free access to it, remaining the suburbs enabled for turists. However, the latter have the chance of having a look at the religious places from a distance. The best time of the year to make Tourisms in Saudi Arabia is between seasons, which means autumn or spring, since severe weather is shown in both extremes. Vegetation of the area consists in abundant palm trees. It is even believed that it was in Medina that palm trees first emerged to later spread everywhere in Arabia.

Other cities in which tourism is recommended are: Riad, Jeddah and Khobar.

What Should Be Taken into Account When Making Tourisms in Saudi Arabia

Making Tourisms in Saudi Arabia leads to have to pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Money: although it is easy to find places which accept credit cards, travelling cheques do not have the same fate. The currency of the country is the Riyal and you can exchange it at the banks, which are open from 8am to 1pm.
  • Passport and Visa: having two passports is illegal, so if you are caught having them, the second passport will be confiscated. The solution consists in having a passpor with an expiring date over six months later of the stipulated date to leave the country.
  • Tip: hotels and high class people have 15% of allowance, while the rest of the people has the 10%.

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